I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. The presentation was very hard to make, because it is hard to find accurate information on these cars. I have manipulated old black an white pictures of the cars, and the colors on them are free fantasy. If you know anything about these cars, or have additional pictures of Mercury Dreamcars or showcars, I would be very happy to get the information.

XM-800 was presented in 1954 at Detroit Automobile show. The body was made of fiberglass, and the car was 5 inch wider than the regular 1954 production model. The interior offered four bucket seats, separated with stationary armrests.
1956 XM turnpike
1956 XM-Turnpike Cruiser was designed with fast, long driving in mind. It was inspired of the Interstate Highway System. A lot of the design elements was later seen on the regular production model 1957 Turnpike Cruiser. The car is now located somewhere in California waiting for a total restoration.
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1964 Comet Super Cyclone was a non dramatic version of the regular production Comet. The roof line had obvious elements from the 59/60 Mercury design, with a wrap around rear window. The interior offered four separate bucket seats, and the headlight was rectangular.
1964 Mercury Super Marauder was created by the legendary customizer George Barris for Mercury. It was powered by a HP 427 V8, had torpedo shaped headrests, and a "two handle" steering system that replaced the conventional steering wheel.

Mercury Montego was another showcar for 1964. So far I have not found any information about this car, but the name was used for a regular production car by Mercury later.

Mercury Park Lane 400 was one of the cars in the show car fleet for 1965. It offered cornering lights, rectangular headlights and different side trim from the regular production model.
Wrist-Twist Steering was a system developed by the research engineers at Ford, and fitted to several 1965 and 1966 Mercurys. The system offered two five inch plastic rings mounted on a tilt steering column. The steering gear had a ratio of 15:1, and was planned to be a part of the option list for regular production Mercurys for 1968. However, the safety standard introduced for 1967 model cars made this impossible.
Mercury Astron was derived from a Park Lane 4d.ht. It offered partial vinyl roof, C-pillar opera windows, and fender skirts. The body side trim was wider, and the car had no outside door handles. Unique headlamp bezels and hidden park light made the front of the car look different.
1968 Montego Super Spoiler was one of the best looking high performance show cars for this year.
1970 Mercury El Gato was based on the Cougar, and offered sleek rooflines and a fastback styled roof.
This is the prototype 1958 Mercury Olympian which never came to the dealers show room. It later got some revisions and became the extended wheelbase high end 1958 Park Lane