1956 XM Turnpike Cruiser


I requested any information for the old dreamcars from Mercury, and someone in Sweden sent me some pictures of the car showing the situation back in 2000 See below) . I was told that it was owned by someone in California. Later the owner himself contacted me and provided some very interesting additional photos and information. Hopefully this piece of Mercury history will be restored and brought back to original beauty one day

These are pictures of the car as it was back in 2001. The XM was as you can see in rather poor condition. If someone out there has newer information about the car, please let us know.
This is how the Mercury XM Turnpike Cruiser was moved when it toured around the US back in 1956. Nice or what?

Mercury also made a brochure about the XM-Turnpike Cruiser back when it toured the showrooms in the US.

You can see nice pictures of this brochure and a lot of other car brochures at OLD IRON ONLINE , The Old Car Manual Project.